The Fraser Pit

What is The Fraser Pit?

If you've been to our workshop, you might have noticed this is where the magic happens - Frasers are born in "The Fraser Pit".

The Fraser Pit online is site where you can create a home for your Fraser in your "virtual garage". You can share it with other owners, or keep it private to yourself. As you do things, either building, touring or racing your Fraser you can keep it updated in your virtual garage to tell the story of your machine.

The Fraser Pit is different from forums or other sites you might be used to, it's designed specifically by automotive enthusiasts, for automotive enthusiasts. It's easy to keep all of the information about your pride and joy in one place.

Document Your Frasers history
You can keep a chronological history of your machine, from when it started life in the jig to when you or the factory put the final finishing touches on it. Every picture you've taken, dyno reading, track time you've acheived, can be all stored away on your Fraser's profile, in your virtual Garage for safe keeping.

If you have your car in workshop with us, we will create your profile and update it as it progresses through the Factory. Usually once a week you'll get an update email and photos added to your profile, right from the source!